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Ancient & Medieval Eclipses in European Sources

Astronomical events in russian chronicles (original texts)

A.N.Vyssotsky, Astronomical records in the russian chronicles from 1000 to 1600A.D. (as collected by D.O.Svyatsky)
(With the permission of the Lund observatory)

    Wayne Mitchell, Ancient Astronomical Observations and Near Eastern Chronology

R.B.Stothers, Ancient dark lunar eclipses 12/1987
Map showing ancient solar eclipses 1890
On the secular and long-period inequalities in the moon's motion   6/1890
On the great eclipse at Rome B. C. 187, July 17    10/1890
On the true date of the battle of Pydna 05/1891
On the rectification of chronology by means of ancient eclipses, 04/1891
On chronology and eclipses 07/1891
On eclipses and chronology 11/1891
Supplement to recent contributions to chronology and eclipses 11/1892
Chronology and eclipses 06/1893
Eclipses and chronology 04/1896
Eclipses and chronology, a reply to Mr. Lynn 07/1896
Ancient chronology and eclipses 9/1891
Ancient chronology and eclipses 12/1891
Ancient chronology and eclipses-a reply 01/1893
Ancient eclipses and chronology 03/1893
Ancient eclipses and chronology 07/1893
The Color of Sirius in Ancient Times. 1895
Eclipses and chronology   5/1896
Eclipses and chronology, a final rejoinder    10/1896
On the value of ancient solar eclipses 1905
Note on the astronomical value of ancient, eclipses, Reply to Professor Newcomb's note 1905
On ancient eclipses 1906
On ancient eclipses 1906
Ancient eclipeses 1907
Note on the ancient solar eclipses discussed, (with Crommelin) 1907
On ancient eclipses 1907
On ancient eclipses 1909
E.Nevill, On the ancient eclipses of the Sun 1906
Note on the astronomical value of ancient, eclipses 1905
On Mr. Cowell's discussions of ancient eclipses 1906
Comparison of ancient eclipses of the Sun with modern elements of the Moon's motion 1909
A solution of ancient eclipses of the sun 1920
Moon, Note on the secular acceleration of, as determined from the ancient eclipses1920
F.R.Stephenson and L.J.Fatoohi, The Total Solar Eclipse Described by Plutarch  1998
F.R.Stephenson Historical eclipses, Scientific American, 1982.
F.R.Stephenson Historical eclipses and Earth's rotation  2002
F.R.Stephenson Historical eclipses and Earth's rotation   2003
S. Debarbat Historical eclipses in Europe   1999

F.R.Stephenson, Early Japanese astronomical observations 1968
D.R.Curott, Earth deceleration from ancient solar eclipses 1966
J.L.Hilton, P.K.Seidelmann, C.Liu, Analysis of ancient Chinese records of occultations between planets and stars 1988
J.L.Hilton, P.K.Seidelmann, C.Liu, An examination of the change in the earth's rotation rate from ancient Chinese ... 1992
F.R.Stephenson, K.K.C.Yau, The total solar eclipse of A.D. 1221 and the rotation of the Earth 1992
M.Kumlehn, Transcription of the Names of China's Ancient Meteorites 1987
E.B.Knobel, On the astonomical observations recorded in  the "Nihongi," the ancient chronicle of Japan,1905
L.Ci-yuan, Z.Xiao-luThe sky brightness when the rising sun is in eclipse 1999

F.R.Stephenson, S.S.Said, Non-tidal changes in the earth's rate of rotation as deduced from medieval eclipse observations 1989
U.W.Dalmau, Critical remarks on the use of medieval eclipse records ... 1997

D.McCarty, A.Breen An evaluation of astronomical observations in the Irish annals
O.Brazell Astronomical observations in the anglo-saxon chronicle  1991
T.Ryan Eclipses in the ancient annales  1999
F.Manca & P.Sicoli, Ancient Comets in Italy

M.E.R.Gallut, The Solar Eclipses in Ancient Mexico, 1992

Astronomical evidence concerning non-gravitational forces in the earth-moon system1972
Two uses of ancient astronomy 1974
The secular acceleration of the earth's spin 1985
K.M.Borkowski, ELP 2000-85 and the Dynamical Time- Universal Time relation 1988
F.R.Stephenson, J.H.Lieske, Changes in the earth's rate of rotation between A.D. 1672 and 1806 as deduced from solar ... 1988
G.A.Krasinsky, E.Iu.Saramonova, M.L.Sveshnikov, and E.S.Sveshnikova Universal time, lunar tidal deceleration and relativistic effects from observations of ...1985
S.J.Goldstein On the slow changes in the Earth's rotation 1985
F.R.Stephenson, J.E.Jones, L.V.Morrison The solar eclipse observed by Clavius in A.D. 1567 1997
Yan-Ben Han and Qi-Yuan Qiao A Check on the Variations of Earth's Rotation with an Ancient Solar Eclipse2003

Ancient comets 1892
Ancient comets 1893
    P.H.Cowell, A.C.D.Crommelin:
Halley's, note on the approaching return of 12/1906
Halley's, the perturbations of 1/1907
Halley's, the perturbations of 4/1907
Halley's, the perturbations of 6/1907
Halley's, perturbations of, in the past 1/1908
Halley's, perturbations of, in the past 3/1908
Halley's, perturbations of, 1759-1910 3/1908
Halley's, perturbations of, in the past 4/1908
Halley's, perturbations of, in the past 5/1908
Needham, J.; Beer, A.; Ping-Yu, H., "Spiked" comets in ancient China 1957
J.L.Brady, E.Carpenter  The orbit of Halley's comet 1967
J.L.Brady, E.Carpenter  The orbit of Halley's comet and the Apparition of 1986 1971
I.Hasegawa,  Orbits of ancient and medieval comets  Erratum1979
D.K.Yeomans, Comet Halley- the orbital motion1977
D.K.Yeomans, T.Kiang The long-term motion of comet Halley 1981
R.L.Newburn,Jr., D.K.Yeomans, Halley's Comet 1982
J.L.Brady Halley's comet: AD 1986 to 2647 BC 1982
Botley, C. M. References to Ancient Comets 1982
Z.Strfnina, D.K.Yeomans,  Close encounters and collisions of comets with the earth  1984
W.Landgraf On the motion of comet Halley 1986
M.Kresakova, Associations Between Ancient Comets and Meteor Showers 1987
G.Sitarski On the nongravitational motion of comet P/Halley 1988
J.M.Pasachoff, R.J.M.Olson, Historical Comets of the "Nuremberg Chronicle" 1988
R.V.Chirikov, V.V.Vecheslavov Chaotic dynamics of comet Halley 1989
L.Kresak, M.Kresakova, Early and unidentified apparitions of short-period comets 1991
E.G.Mardon, J.Williams, A.A.Mardon, The eleven observations of comets between 687 AD and 1114 AD recorded in the Anglo Saxon Chronicle 1992
A.Carusi, G.B.Valesecchi, L.Kresak, M.Kresakova, Observations of Periodic Comet d'Arrest in 1678 and implications for its evolutionary history1994
K.Yau, D.Yeomans, P.Weissman  The past and future motion of comet P/Swift-Tuttle  1994
I.Hasegawa, S.Nakano, Periodic Comets Found in Historical Records 1994

K.Fox, I.P.Williams, A possible origin for some ancient December fireballs 1985
J.K.Bjorkman, Meteors and Meteorites in the Ancient Near East 1973
S.Miono, A.Nakanishi, An interpretation of historical records of aurorae and meteors in China during the 11th and 12th centuries A. D.: Possible indications of accretion of interstellar medium? 1992
I.Hasegawa, Historical records of meteor showers 1993
I.Hasegawa, Further Comments on the Identification of Meteor Showers Recorded by the Arabs 1996
Ya.Fujiwara, I.Hasegawa, Leonid meteors found in Chinese historical records 2001
P. Brown, The Leonid Meteor Shower: Historical Visual Observations 1999

K.Lundmark Suspected new stars recorded in old chronicles ... 1921
J.J.L.Duyvendak Further data bearing on the identification of the crab nebula with the supernova of 1054AD 1942
S.-I.Chu Supernovae from ancient Korean observational records 1968
Stephenson, F. Richard; Clark, David H.; Crawford, David F. The supernova of AD 1006 1977
K.Brecher, R.A.Fesen, S.P.Maran, J.C.Brandt, Ancient records and the Crab Nebula supernova 1983
K.P.Hertzog, Identification of ancient novae 1986
Z.-R.Wang, Ancient Guest Stars as harbingers of neutron star formation 1987
A.Breen, D.McCarthy, A Re-evaluation of the Eastern and Western Records of the Supernova of 1054 1995
D.A.Green, A Catalogue of Galactic Supernova Remnants

E.Ribes, Astronomical determination of the solar variability 1990
F.R.Stephenson, Historical evidence concerning the sun: interpretation od sunspot records during the telescopic and pretelescopic eras 1990
X.Zhentao, Solar observations in ancient China and solar variability 1990

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