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Не понимаю, как точно перевести на русский вот это:
***Lapshina, E. D., Pologova, N. N., Mouldiyarov, E. Ya. 2000. The watershed plain wetlands in south of forest zone of West Siberia // Krylovia. Vol. 2. No. 1. P. 38-43.

In clause the results of field researches about a structure and main stages of development watershed wetlands in the south of a forest zone of Western Siberia are generalized in the field of a wide circulation carbonaceous integumentary loam, on an example of a bog "Bakcharskoe". The most ancient centers paludification on the data of the radiocarbon analysis have appeared 5200-5500 years, while the age of peat adjournment on the most part of the watershed area of bogs does not exceed 3000-3500 years. The development of bogs went by eutrophic paludification thin of birch woods and herb-sedge damp meadows. In process of accumulation of a peat deposit and the increases of a role of atmospheric precipitation in a feed (meal) of bogs a wide circulation have received at first mesotrophic, and then and oligotrophic of community. About 1500-1000 years back in the central part of marsh files began to be formed ridges-hollows and ridges-hollows-pools complexes of modern shape. The peat deposit has three-level structure. The bottom layer is combined by thickness 1-1,5 m by the well spread out herb kinds of peat from the remains of ferns, sedges, reed. The top layer is formed by thickness 1,5-2 m poorly spread out oligotrophic sphagnum kinds of peat. Small transitive horizon between them, which thickness does not exceed 30-50 cm is formed by the rests sedge, cotton-grasses and mesotrophic sphagnum species.****

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