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(1) protect the brand name -- trademarking New Chronology would have been very helpful;

This way is definitely closed for him. Fomenko correctly points that this trademark is more associated with Rohl on the West.

Looking further in Wikipedia I found that it has rather balanced description of Fomenko's own ideas.

(2) expand into new markets -- but his translations were not very successful so far, and does not seem to understand the obvious changes to the reconstruction that would make him successful in the West;

Year, a unified Europe will hardly be eager to know that Moses was the Russian general suppressing revolts in the western colonies and Jeanne d'Arc is just a reflection of political movement during the roolership of Ivan the Terrible. He should cooperate with native nationalists particular for each country. To be successful he should cooperate with local nationalists.

(3) expand into the new products -- how come there is no "Passion of Andronicus" serial yet?

Judging by the success of Dan Brown, this direction can be really promissing for him.

Unless he protects and expands other New Chrono variations will slowly eat up his market share, and this is what seems to be happening already.

There is another way out - to evolve into formal religious-type organization with obligatory dues or offertories from enlightened. At least a Scripture is already here.

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