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(1) Trademark: it is not essential to use any specific term ("New Chronology"); it is essential to establish a brand name.

(2) He should cooperate with native nationalists particular for each country.

Not too difficult, either. For English market, a good starting point is to reverse the Anglic-Angel parallelism; this will make the Anglo-Saxon history primary; King Arthur shall become the original Genghis Khan (incidentally, both were rejected by their tribes during their youth, which is an obvious parallelism), the connection between Merlin and Presbiter John (and John the Baptist as well) is clear, the Round Table knights are obvious prototypes of the apostols (Judah==Mordred?) as well as the Horde leadership, there probably was some Pontius Pilate among the Roman occupiers, and there was some eclipse that can be dated (Mark Twain referred to it).

Any reason why this cannot sell beyond the wildest dreams?

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