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Will I get the credit for the correction? OK...,

No, as this is not new for me. :-)

I've already given the links to the same ideas about zodiacal constelations in a remarkable good papers by John P. Pratt.

I can also recommend the book
А. В. Подосинов, Символы четырех евангелистов. Их происхождение и значение

However the logic of Morozov is still consistent. According to him the Christian symbolism of Eagle is the reflection of Revelation and not vice versa. For him Ezekiel is a later writing. And Scorpius has always been Scorpius and the constelation of Eagle has always been Eagle in ancient astronomy and astrology since Shumers.

Now, the identification of Sagittarius is based on a very weak evidence: "face like a man" and a number of other constellations can be described this way.

As far as I remember there is some evidence in the text on Corona Australis nearby Sagittarius.

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