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No, as this is not new for me. :-)

I've already given the links to the same ideas about zodiacal constelations in a remarkable good papers by John P. Pratt.

If we want to keep the record straigh, the first person to make this observation was Michael Kissell circa 1940 in his summary of Morozov's work (Is this footnote something new?)

And Scorpius has always been Scorpius and the constelation of Eagle has always been Eagle in ancient astronomy and astrology since Shumers.

Don't think this is true. Tarot's use of Eagle *probably* comes from Egypt and is pre-Christian.

Do notice, however, that the identification of beasts has no connection to the identification of horses/planets.

As far as I remember there is some evidence in the text on Corona Australis nearby Sagittarius.

Four beasts in Revelations are an isolated segment, I don't see how any later reference to Corona would connect to them.

PS. Thanks for the reference to your older discussion, gives me something to read tonight.

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