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If we want to keep the record straigh, the first person to make this observation was Michael Kissell circa 1940 in his summary of Morozov's work (Is this footnote something new?)

Yes, this is something new. I'd like to read it.

Don't think this is true. Tarot's use of Eagle *probably* comes from Egypt and is pre-Christian.

No, this notion about Tarot cards is most probably wrong.

"Topic: The time and place of the origin of the tarot

Inaccurate: The tarot comes from Egypt; India; China; Fez, Morocco; the Sufis; the Cathars; Jewish Kabbalists or Moses; or the origin of the tarot is unknown.

Current Historical Understanding: The tarot originated in northern Italy early in the 15th century (1420-1440). There is no evidence for it originating in any other time or place. The earliest extant cards are lavish hand-painted decks from the courts of the nobility."
See also

and many other series sites on the history of Tarot.
That is why Tarot is influenced by a later medieval christian tradition.

Do notice, however, that the identification of beasts has no connection to the identification of horses/planets.

Agreed. However if one assumes following Morozov that a planet named "pale horse" is in Scorpius ("Its rider was named Death, and Hades") it can not be Eagle.

Four beasts in Revelations are an isolated segment, I don't see how any later reference to Corona would connect to them.

May be I am wrong here.

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