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(Typing from memory, hopefully remember this right)

Journal, Popular Astronomy, a very long article. Fomenko's Vol 1 in English actually *tries* to mention this article in bibliography, but the reference is so messed up (Fomenko says "Book" -- there was never a book --- and asacr provides a totally incorrect Library of Congress #).

A couple of months after this article has been published, the same Journal published a *very emotional rebuttal* by a big astronomy star and this was the end of Kissel's efforts (and the end of New Chronology in the US until Fomenko's translations).

I have no idea who Kissell was .. very likely ex-Russian, and perhaps there is a way to search for **possibly** "Michael S. Kiselev" something else might pop up.

Kissel's piece was a very nice summary and he did notice a couple of things that Morozov missed (Eagle, but there was something else).

Hopefully this helps.


In re Tarot: I guess I have to apologize. I took it for granted that the thing was ancient and never bothered to check. I'll need to look more into the pre-Christian Eagle symbolics and anything else you have will be welcome.

I do want to point out, however, that Morozov *was not consistent*. When he wrote his Relevation book (before 1907), there was no New Chronology, and there is no reason to think that Morozov already thought that Christianity was the proto-religion; this happened later. In fact, his 1907 text is clearly consistent with the Traditional History (except for the Apocalypse dating), and when he included it into Christos (1922?), he revised it to make it fit his new ideas. And if we are within Traditional History, Eagle is obviously pre-Christian.

Incidentally, all this means that his 395AD dating *may be correct* and still fit "Scaliger's" history.

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