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No, I was talking about the first entry in Almagest not being the North Star.

For every constellation Ptolemy tries to follow natural order giving coordinates in the sequence of growing longitudes. That is why in Ursa Minor the first is our modern Polar Star - alpha UMi and not beta UMi which was indeed closer to the Pole in his time. Here is the list of longitudes of the first stars: 60 1/6, 62½, 70 1/6, 89 2/3, 93 2/3, 107½, 116 1/6, 103. It is interesting to note that the last faint star is not included in the main figure of the constellation (that is why it is out of sequence), and it is probable that Ptolemy gave the coordinates of this only particular star as a closest to the Pole in his time (noted by A.I.Zakharov).

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