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Если уже начали изучать начальный курс лингвистики по-английски, то не забудьте внимательно дома проработать Unit 1 Exercises B . Обратите внимание - такой простой английский текст и сколько флексий!
"4. Inflectional and Derivational Suffixes

Determine what kind of suffix is highlighted in the words below. Use the structure of the sentences to guide your decision. The item number follows the word.

* Inflectional Suffix
* Noun-forming Derivational Suffix
* Verb-forming Derivational Suffix
* Adjective-forming Derivational Suffix

It was an dark and tempestuous(1) night. Suddenly, an explosion(2) pierced(3) the silence(4). The maid's(5) persistent(6) screams(7) rang from the conservatory(8). The butler was running(9) up the stairs, when he stumbled over the prostrate(10) body of his erstwhile employer(11), a reclusive(12) industrialist(13). Quickly, he deduced that the man had been given(14) a fatal(15) dose of an anesthetic(16). A fragile(17) document(18) was missing from the gigantic(19) safe. He began to organize(20) a reconnaissance(21) to search for the fugitive(22). After that, he planned to interrogate(23) the miscreant(24).


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