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На Гиббона Скотт всё-таки ссылается (все тексты есть на Гутенберге):

There is very little doubt that the Count Robert of Paris, whose
audacity in seating himself upon the throne of the Emperor gives a
peculiar interest to his character, was in fact a person of the highest
rank; being no other, as has been conjectured by the learned Du Cange,
than an ancestor of the house of Bourbon, which has so long given Kings
to France. He was a successor, it has been conceived, of the Counts of
Paris, by whom the city was valiantly defended against the Normans, and
an ancestor of Hugh Capet.
...The antiquary who is disposed
to investigate this subject, may consult the late Lord Ashburnham's
elaborate Genealogy of the Royal House of France; also a note of Du
Cange's on the Princess's history, p. 362, arguing for the identity of
her "Robert of Paris, a haughty barbarian," with the "Robert called the
Strong," mentioned as an ancestor of Hugh Capet. Gibbon, vol. xi. p. 52,
may also be consulted.

А вот что пишет про Капета и Капетингов сам Гиббон:

Philip the First was the great-grandson of Hugh Capet,
the founder of the present race, who, in the decline
of Charlemagne's posterity, added the regal title to
his patrimonial estates of Paris and Orleans.

From the reign of Robert, the son of Hugh Capet...

Естественно, всё традиционно.
А вот и то, о чем писал Скотт:

Yet we are assured that the great- grandfather of Hugh Capet was
Robert the Strong count of Anjou, (A.D. 863 - 873,) a noble Frank
of Neustria...

А Дюканж это замутил исходя из этого:

Когда все, в том числе и Готфрид, были уже в сборе и когда все графы дали клятву, кто-то из знати осмелился сесть на императорский трон.

Он решил, что этот безымянный латинянин и есть Роберт Парижский (позже погибший под Никеей), а Скотт почему-то отождествил его с Робертом Сильным (тоже графом Парижским), прадедом Гуго Капета.

А при чем тут Ричард Львиное Сердце - вообще загадка.

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