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Необразованный цитировал перевод PROCLUS OR CONCERNING HAPPINESS by Marinus of Samaria [Translated by Kenneth S. GUTHRIE]
Там тоже 124 года:

"35. But in order that persons interested in noble sciences may, by the position of the stars under which he came into the world, conclude that the life which Fate allotted to him was not disposed in the lowest, nor even in medium conditions, but rather in the highest, we have arranged the table of the position of the heavens, such as it was at the moment of his birth:

The Sun was in Aries, at 16 degrees 26 minutes
The Moon was in Gemini, at 17 degrees 29 minutes
Saturn in Taurus, at 24 degrees 23 minutes
Jupiter in Taurus, at 24 degrees 41 minutes
Mars in Sagittarius at 29 degrees 50 minutes
Venus in Pisces, at 23 degrees
Mercury in Aquarius at 4 degrees 42 minutes
The horoscope was taken in Aries at 8 degrees 19 minutes
The meridian in Capricorn at 4 degrees 42 minutes
The ascendant at 24 degrees 33 minutes |53
The preceding New Moon in Aquarius at 8 degrees 51 minutes

36. Proclus left this world in the 124th year from Julian's accession to the empire [361] under the archonship of the younger Nicagoras in Athens on the seventeenth day of the month Munychion, or the seventeenth of April [485 Common Era]. His body received the funerary honors usual among the Athenians, as he himself had requested; for more than any other did this blessed man have the knowledge and practice of funerary honors due the dead. Under no circumstances did he neglect to render the customary homages, and on fixed yearly dates he went to visit the tombs of the Attic heroes, those of the philosophers, of his friends, and acquaintances; he performed the rites prescribed by religion, and not through some deputy, but personally. After having fulfilled this pious duty towards each of them, he went to the Academy, in a certain particular place, and by vows and prayers, he invoked the souls of his ancestors, collectively and separately; and, in another part of the building, in common with others, he made libations in honor of all those who had practiced philosophy."

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