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к ней бы минимум информации, ссылок и обоснования...

Beer Brewing

As far back as the late 1300s it was customary for brewers, particularly those in Europe to brand or paint a six-point star on the ends of their beer kegs, known as the "brewer's star." The star was hung outside breweries and incorporated into logos for breweries and can still be seen in small village breweries in Bavaria.[2][3]

The origins and association with Judaism is debated, it has been suggested that King David was a brewer. It is known that the star was the official insignia of the Brewer's Guild as early as the 1500s.

The brewer's star was intended to symbolize purity; that is, a brewer who affixed the insignia to his product was thereby declaring his brew be completely pure of additives, adjuncts, etc. In folklore the six points of the star represented the six aspects of brewing most critical to purity: the water, the hops, the grain, the malt, the yeast, and the brewer.

2149. Варили ли евреи пиво в Баварии? - Дыбов 17:24 07.11.05 (22)
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