Римские мосты

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Article by Anthony Rich, Jun. B.A. of Caius College, Cambridge
on pp936‑939 of

The "Ponte Dell'Abbadia" between the historical sites of Vulci and Tarquinia in the Italian Latium was built around 90 BC on the foundations of an older Etruscan bridge. The bridge was probably built with Roman "concrete". The corbels used to support the scaffold are still clearly recognisable.

Right in front of our eyes, other models show you world-famous bridges - the Roman Pont du Gard at Nîmes or the Rialto bridge in Venice - or less well-known but not less noteworthy bridges such as the Wennerbrücke over the Mur in Styria dating from 1993, a glued timber arch 85 m in length which even is suitable for heavy lorry traffic.

Ну и т.д.

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