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"Moreover, such an observation has been made in the case of an eclipse of the Sun. Once the Sun was wholly eclipsed in the Hellespont, it was observed in Alexandria to be eclipsed except for the firth part of its diameter, which is, according to the sight, except for two digits and a little more. Now since it is 5000 stades from Alexandria to Rhodes; besides, proceeding hence to the Hellespont, this will also decrease in proportion, since when the Hellespont is reached, it will entirely vanish."

Cleomedes, De Motu Circularis Corporum, II, 3.

То есть явно указано, что Геллеспонт находится севернее Родоса. Да Вы хоть у Птолемея в Географии посмотрите, где Геллеспонт, а где Родос.

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