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Ну если они такой крутой календарь сделали - то интересно
с какой точностью север указан?

The Mayan were in the Yucatan back in 2600 BC and were a huge force to be reckoned with in around 250 AD. So back when the Romans controlled Europe and had systems of roads, education and writing, so did the Mayans. They had the only written language in the Americas, and had incredibly complex math and astronomical skills. This was done despite having no wheel (jungle terrain did not make it feasable) and no beasts of burden at all. Everything was done with human power.

One of the Mayan's greatest achievements is their incredibly precise calendar, which was the most precise known to mankind until NASA worked on one in the 20th century. The Mayans built their structures to align precisely with the sky, and they realized that on August 13, 3114 BC, there had been a perfect alignment in the sky of the milky way, Orion's belt, and the Pleides. They therefore fixed that precise date as the origin of human life, and many buildings align with the sky as it was back then. It was only recently that modern day astronomers realized why the buildings are aligned the way they are.

Their calendar is to-the-minute precise and has a gigantic cycle. Beginning on Aug 13, 3114BC, it goes all the way to Dec 27, 2012 AD before the cycle begins again.

The biggest building in the Chichen Itza complex is the gigantic pyramid of "El Castillo". Not only is there the outer pyramid, dedicated to the Wind God, but there's also an inner pyramid that you can go into. There are snake heads at the bottoms of the main stair set, as the wind god was part snake, part bird. On the two equinoxes, the sides of the pyramid cast shadows along those stairs and it looks like a snake is slowly climbing down from Heaven to earth. Thousands of people visit the site each equinox to watch this!

Even more amazingly, if you clap your hands in front of that snake-bird head, the echo you hear back is NOT a clap. The acoustics of the steps are so precise, the echo you hear is the EXACT sound of the quetzal, or "kuk", bird squalking. This bird's long, green feathers were and are sacred to the Mayans. It's very impressive!

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