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I was amazed, to find out from the web-pages' statistics, that many visitors found this document by searching the Key-Word "Etruscan Book of the Dead". This expression was introduced and was very popular at the turn of the last Century, by superficial comparison with the "Egyptian Book of the Dead". Both inscriptions were found in relationship with mummies, the Egyptian one, written on the inside surface of a sarcophagus, containing religious formulas, intended to help the deceased to find a way to eternal peace. It appeared as a logical conclusion, that the Etruscan inscription had the same function. But this conclusion can be wrong. There is not a shred of evidence, that the Etruscan linen bandages have any relationship with the female mummy, they used to wrap. On the contrary.

Today we know, that at the turn of the Era (when the Linen Book was apparently torn into pieces), in Egypt was in rage to mummify the deceased. The habit took such proportions, that it caused an acute shortage of linen materials in the country. They started to use any secondary linen clothes, like used canvases, boat-sails, clothing items etc, and the trade of used linen-sheets was flourishing. On this way, from the preserved linen bandages we could today reconstruct, not only how the Egyptian sails and dresses looked like, but by a lucky circumstance, even the form of the only Etruscan book, known to exist today. It is most likely, that the connection between the mummy and its linen-wrappings is quite accidental, and the conclusion, that it was an "Etruscan Book of the Dead", is a mistake. However, it is not far from truth, that it might handle a religious subject.

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