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"Judging by the C14/C12 ratio in annual tree rings in or about the year 1908,when the exoterrestrial Tunguska body exploded with heavy local effect in Siberia, 1% less of the C14 was available in that year by comparison with the year before and after. In another case, during a period called the Maunder Minimum, 1645 to 1715, when the Sun exhibited no sunspots and the Earth was gripped by a "Little Ice Age", the C14 found in the tree rings of the period averaged 20% more than before and after. Between 3200 and 3700 B.C. and in the eighth and fifteenth centuries B.C. the quantity of C14 fluctuated heavily. A theoretical calculation by Cook computed the presence of C14 in the atmosphere, basing itself on a presently observed slight build-up of the gas, concluded that today's volume of C14 have had to originate from a ZERO point 13,000 years ago". A. de Grazia. The Lately Tortured Earth. Metron Publ.,Princeton-London-Bombay, 1983, pp. 15-16. Все ссылки на оригинальные работы есть внутри.

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