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Вроде, считается, что первым автором, упоминавшим о римлянах, был Иероним Кардийский... Хотелось бы увидеть данное сообщение у Гелланика.

Видимо, имеется в виду что-то другое.

The Roman Past and Greek Learning
The near extinction of the Roman state by the Gauls under Brennus in
about 390 B.C. was so dramatic an episode that the stories of the terrible defeat at the Allia, the heroic defense of the Capitol by Marcus Manlius, and the help the defenders received from the Capitoline geese would be reported over and over again in Roman history. Even Theopompus and Aristotle were fascinated,
and their narrations were the first to place a Roman historical event in a Greek
context. But the linkage between Greek and Roman historiographies came later
and only gradually. With the exception of Timaeus of Tauromenium, Greek
historians paid no attention to the subsequent Roman drive for dominance over
the Latin League and the Roman subjugation of the Hernici, Volsci, Aequii,
Sabines, and the city of Veii. However, Rome's war against the Greek Tarentum
(282-275 B.C.) changed things. In it the ally of Tarentum, King Pyrrhus of
Epirus, even used Greek epic history to give the struggle a higher meaning.
Claiming ancestry from Achilles, Pyrrhus saw himself as an avenger of the
Achaeans on Rome, a city supposedly founded by the Trojan Aeneas. After
Rome won and became master of Magna Graecia, Greek historians became
somewhat more interested in Rome. Timaeus of Tauromenium had already
for some time inquired more closely into the past of that newcomer to the
Mediterranean system of powers and in doing so permanently linked Greek and Roman historiographies. Now in 273 B.C. Ptolemy sent an embassy to Rome to assess the new power, and one of the Alexandrian librarians and historians, Lycophron, spoke of the steady rise of Rome to hegemony over the Western Mediterranean.

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