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Получается, что это ошибка, ведь Дионисий прямо ссылается на "Жриц Геры".

Не понял, в чем и у кого ошибка?
Есть, вроде и более раннее свидетельство о римских делах.
"Traces of the past beyond the legends. The Roman Republic came about, so tradition has it, when the series of seven kings ended with the fall from power of Tarquinius Superbus (the Proud). The event, usually dated as happening in 509 b.c. was the subject of an early historiographical reference to Roman history. A historian, some have suggested Hyperochus, wrote about the life of Aristodemus the Effeminate who, as a ruler of the city of Cumae (ca. 504-480) wished to diminish Etruscan influence and to that end interfered in the struggle of Rome against the Targuini - a fact mentioned in Hyperochus's record."

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