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Существует ТЕХНИЧЕСКИЙ термин: to smooth down - полировать, лощить, шлифовать. So smooth your English down...

Вам, конечно же, не составит труда привести доказательство своих слов. В большом англо-русском языке "выписанные Вами значения (с перестановкой) относятся к слову "smooth" (5-е значение - тех. лощить, полировать, шлифовать).

Для "smooth down" таких технических значений этот словарь не дает:

Большой политехнический словарь также знает слово smooth в значениях:

1) сглаживать; выравнивать
2) шлифовать; полировать

Знает также "to smooth out" - сглаживать; выравнивать;

Но вот по поводу "to smooth down" в значении "полировать, лощить, шлифовать" почему-то молчит.

Это было бы для Вас естественно, если бы прежде чем приступать к более сложному слову smooth, Вы узнали сначала для себя значение слова down.

Так откуда у Вас эти сведения?

Наконец, обращаясь к высшему авторитету - Oxford English Dictionary.


12. With down: a. To make smooth by pressing down. Also in fig. context.
1687 MIE'GE Gt. Fr. Dict. II. s.v., To smooth down with the Nail, as Taylors and Seamstresses do. 1768 BURKE Corr. (1844) I. 150 However,..I am to see him to-morrow, and will smooth down the feathers. 1816 SCOTT Old Mort. xxxvii, She had an infant in one arm, and with the other she smoothed down her apron. 1847 TENNYSON Princ. II. 432 One In this hand held a volume as to read, And smoothed a petted peacock down with that.

Перевожу: С "down": a. Делать гладким с помошью придавливания. Также в фигуральном контексте.

Just polish your English, "linguist"!


Прилагаю словарную статью из Оксфордского словаря полностью.

smooth, v.

I. 1. a. trans. To make (a surface or substance) smooth, even, or level; to remove or reduce the roughness, irregularity, inequality, or unevenness of; to give a smooth or glossy surface to. c1440 Pallad. on Husb. IV. 430 Of the claue Is best an handful greet..Er eyther ende ysmothed is to haue. 1495 Trevisa's Barth. De P.R. III. xiv. (W. de W.) 58 This vertue informatiua thyrllyth what shall be thirlled, and smotheth what is rough. 1576 FLEMING Panopl. Epist. 58 It surpasseth..all images of the caruer or grauer smothed and fined with his chosen instruments. 1595 SHAKES. John IV. ii. 13 To smooth the yce, or adde another hew Vnto the Raine-bow. 1630 DRAYTON Muses Eliz. Nymphal vii. 102 Here be fine night Maskes, plastred well within, To supple wrinckles, and to smooth the skin. 1697 DRYDEN Virg. Georg. I. 261 Let the weighty Rowler run the round, To smooth the Surface of th' unequal Ground. 1726 SWIFT Gulliver I. viii, His Majesty's ship carpenters..helped me in smoothing them after I had done the rough work. 1763 MILLS Pract. Husb. IV. 217 The head of the stock being cut off and smoothed. 1823 SCOTT Quentin D. Introd., An immense assie^tte of spinage, not smoothed into a uniform surface. 1881 H. JAMES Portr. Lady xxxv, Rosier got up, and stood smoothing his hat. absol. 1611 BIBLE Isaiah xli. 7 The carpenter encouraged the goldsmith, and he that smootheth with the hammer, him that smote the anuill. fig. 1592 SHAKES. Rom. & Jul. III. ii. 97 What tongue shall smooth thy name, When I thy three houres wife haue mangled it. 1850 BLACKIE ?schylus I. 200 Time, that smooths All things, hath smoothed the front of my offence.

b. To iron (linen, etc.). Now dial. 1617 MORYSON Itin. III. 172 They have little skill in washing, starching, or smoothing linnen. 1654 Nicholas P. (Camden) II. 58 The girle at that present..being smoothing of Lynnen. 1755 JOHNSON, Heater, an iron made hot, and put into a box-iron, to smooth and plait linnen. 1828- in dial. glossaries and texts (Yks., Lancs., Linc., Derby., etc.).

c. To cause (feathers, hair, etc.) to lie smooth and even. Also in fig. context. 1634 MILTON Comus 251 How sweetly did they float upon the wings Of silence,..At every fall smoothing the Raven doune Of darknes till it smil'd. 1784 COWPER Task v. 692 To smooth The shag of savage nature. 1859 TENNYSON Elaine 345 There to his proud horse Lancelot turn'd, and smooth'd The glossy shoulder. 1879 FROUDE C?sar viii. 81 Sylla himself had to smoothe the ruffled plumes of his aspiring follower.

d. transf. To reduce to a simple vowel. 1894 SWEET Anglo-Sax. Rdr. (ed. 7) p. xxiv, In Angl. c(x), h, g..'smooth' a preceding diphthong.

e. To transform or modify (a graph, distribution, or function) so as to make it smooth; to lessen irregularities or fluctuations in (something that can be represented by a graph). Cf. sense 11c below. 1889 F. GALTON Natural Inheritance vii. 100 These [relations] came out distinctly after I had 'smoothed' the entries. 1898 Knowledge 1 Oct. 235/1 Then the thirteen year series of these numbers is smoothed with averages of four. 1934 Brit. Jrnl. Psychol. Oct. 249 The theoretical periodogram was..made to conform... It was therefore smoothed per ten units, thus making it resemble a curve of old log. units. 1962 D. F. SHAW Introd. Electronics x. 203 The performance of the diode rectifier is improved by the use of a filter circuit to smooth the output. 1979 Sci. Amer. May 52/3 This generalization is strictly statistical, because our analysis has smoothed the gas distribution... It does not rule out the existence of isolated patches of vigorous star formation.

2. a. To make (a way) easy or plain; to free from obstruction, difficulty, or impediment. Chiefly in fig. contexts. 1582 STANYHURST ?neis III. (Arb.) 83 Thee fats thee passage shal smooth. 1593 SHAKES. 2 Hen. VI, I. ii. 65, I would remoue these tedious stumbling blockes, And smooth my way vpon their headlesse neckes. 1628 EARLE Microcosm., Graue Diuine (Arb.) 24 Hee counts it not smooth his way by Aristotle to Schoole-diuinitie. 1695 WOODWARD Nat. Hist. Earth I. (1723) 41 The more effectualy to smooth my Way. 1717 POPE Eloi"sa 322 Thou, Abelard! the last sad office pay, And smooth my passage to the realms of day. 1779 Mirror No. 32, A qualification extremely useful for smoothing a man's way through the world. 1865 BURRITT Walk to Land's End 99 Intending to smoothe the way to matrimonial happiness. 1882 J. H. BLUNT Ref. Ch. Eng. II. 249 His earliest work was to smooth the way for Cardinal Pole's return to England.

b. To diminish or clear away (an obstruction, difficulty, etc.). 1599 SHAKES. Hen. V, II. ii. 188 We doubt not now, But euery Rubbe is smoothed on our way. 1867 M. E. HERBERT Cradle L. v. 147 Those who had so kindly..smoothed for her all the difficulties of her journey.

3. To render (the brow) free from wrinkles, lines, frowns, etc., by natural effort; to invest with, replace by, a calm or placid expression. Also in fig. context. 1593 SHAKES. 3 Hen. VI, II. vi. 32 Good fortune bids vs pause, And smooth the frownes of War, with peacefull lookes. 1594 {emem} Rich. III, I. i. 9 Grim-visag'd Warre, hath smooth'd his wrinkled Front. 1602 MARSTON Ant. & Mel. III. Wks. 1856 I. 36 How I clap my hands, and smooth my brow! 1671 MILTON P.R. II. 164 To..smooth the rugged'st brow. 1743 FRANCIS tr. Hor., Odes III. xxix. 24 Such Scenes have charm'd the Pangs of Care, And smooth'd the clouded Forehead of Despair. 1825 SCOTT Talism. ix, The Grand Master,..on exchanging a glance with the Marquis, smoothed his frowning brow as well as he could. 1895 G. MEREDITH Odes Fr. Hist. 28 She smoothed a startled look. refl. 1819 SCOTT Leg. Montrose vi, The deep-knit furrows of his brow relaxed and smoothed themselves.

4. a. To make smooth, plausible, or specious. 1340 Ayenb. 57 Hit biual{th} {th}et {th}e speche is grat zenne uor {th}et hi de{th} grat kuead {th}a{ygh} hy by uayre and ysmo{th}ed. c1600 ? SHAKES. Pass. Pilgr. 306 And when thou comest thy tale to tell, Smooth not thy tongue with filed talk. 1621 T. WILLIAMSON tr. Goulart's Wise Vieillard 66 She will deliuer him from the strange woman, which smootheth her words. 1653 MILTON Ps. v. 28 An open grave their throat, their tongue they smooth.

b. To refine (a person or his manners); to free from rudeness or rusticity. ? Obs. 1644 MILTON Educ. Wks. 1851 IV. 391 The solemn and divine harmonies of Musick..have a great power over dispositions and manners, to smooth and make them gentle from rustick harshness. 1749 CHESTERFIELD Lett. cxcviii. (1792) II. 246, I am very glad that you like good company so well. I already imagine that you are a little smoothed by it. Ibid. cxcix. 250 Such a share of them left, as may contribute to smooth and polish you.

c. To render smooth to the ear; to polish. 1667 MILTON P.L. v. 626 Harmonie Divine So smooths her charming tones, that Gods own ear Listens delighted. 1697 DRYDEN Virgil Note on ?neid IX. 853-4 Both verses are very rough; but of choice; for it had been easy for me to have smoothed them. 1724 L. WELSTED Epist., etc. 43 Great Spencer first..Smoothed our old Metre, and refined our Lays. 1754 COWPER Ep. R. Lloyd 74 Matthew..with endless pains Smooth'd and refin'd the meanest strains.

{dag}5. a. To use smooth, flattering, or complimentary language to (a person). Obs. (Cf. 9a.) 1591 GREENE Maiden's Dr. ix, The poor he smooth'd, the proud he kept in awe. 1592 KYD Sp. Trag. II. i, Slie deceits smooth Bel-imperias eares. 1623 CAMDEN Rem. (1637) 162 A scholler smoothed him with this foolish allusion. 1670 COTTON Espernon III. XI. 572 Some expressions of Civility, and Complement, to smooth him withal, at his departure. 1718 HICKES & NELSON Kettlewell I. xxi. 44 He could Smooth or Flatter none upon any Consideration whatsoever.

{dag}b. absol. To be smooth or plausible in one's language or bearing to others. Obs. 1587 Mirr. Mag., Sir N. Burdet iii, Fortunes guyle, Which smirking though at first, she seeme to smoothe and smyle. 1594 SHAKES. Rich. III, I. iii. 48 Because I cannot flatter,..Smile in mens faces, smooth, deceiue, and cogge. a1618 SYLVESTER Job Triumphant I. 823 Or, ween you, smoothing, these Deceits to smother?

{dag}c. So to smooth it. Obs. 1583 BABINGTON Commandm. (1590) 427 We must smooth it, and sooth it, and carrie two faces vnder one hoode. 1593 SHAKES. 2 Hen. VI, II. i. 22 Pernitious Protector, dangerous Peere, That smooth'st it so with King and Common-weale.

d. refl. To put on smooth ingratiating airs. 1868 W. CORY Lett. & Jrnls. (1897) 251 At the worst, I never smoothed myself for Belial or for Mammon.

6. a. To allay, assuage, mitigate the force of (passion, trouble, etc.). 1589 GREENE Menaphon (Arb.) 23 The King thus smoothing the heate of his cares. 1605 SHAKES. Lear II. ii. 81 Such smiling rogues as these..smooth euery passion That in the natures of their Lords rebell. 1667 MILTON P.L. IV. 120 Whereof hee soon aware, Each perturbation smooth'd with outward calme, Artificer of fraud. absol. 1837 CARLYLE Fr. Rev. II. II. vi, All is dissolution, mutual rancour, gloom and despair: till National Assembly Commissioners..gradually levelling, strive in all wise ways to smooth and soothe.

b. To render (the mind, etc.) calm or tranquil; to soothe. 1604 EARL STIRLING Cr{oe}sus v. ii, What could the world afford, or man affect, Which did not smooth my soule. 1633 G. HERBERT Temple, Nature iii, O smooth my rugged heart, and there Engrave thy rev'rend law and fear. 1830 TENNYSON Leonine Elegiacs, The ancient poetess singeth, that Hesperus all things bringeth, Smoothing the wearied mind. 1859 DICKENS T. Two Cities II. v, What has roughened your temper? Put some punch to it and smooth it again.

7. To hush up, gloss over, make less conspicuous or offensive. 1592 KYD Sp. Trag. III. x, This that I did was for a policie, To smooth and keepe the murder secret. 1593 SHAKES. Rich. II, I. iii. 240 (Q.1), Oh had't beene a stranger,..To smooth his fault I should haue beene more milde. 1697 PRIDEAUX Life Mahomet (1716) 125 Which raising a great Noise, and many being offended with him for it, to smooth the matter again, he hath recourse to his old Art.

8. intr. To become smooth, calm, or tranquil. 1837 LOCKHART Scott lxiv. (1845) 570/1 Mrs. Coutts's brow smoothed, and..she was as..easy as ever she was in her life. 1860 All Year Round No. 66. 384 Once within the friendly shelter of the pier, the water smoothed rapidly. 1864 J. H. NEWMAN Apol. 241, I trust that things are smoothing now.

II. With advs. and preps.

9. trans. With up: {dag}a. To flatter, encourage. 1584 B. R. tr. Herodotus II. 100b, Hector,..whome it behoued not to smooth vp his brother in hys filthy leachery. 1593 G. HARVEY New Lett. Wks. (Grosart) I. 275 He that neither cockereth himselfe, nor loueth to be lulled, or smoothed-up of freindes. 1652 BP. HALL Invis. World III. 5 He smooths us up in the good opinion of our own gracious disposition.

{dag}b. To cover or hush up; to conceal. Obs. 1592 GREENE Def. Conny Catch. Wks. (Grosart) XI. 92 Al things was smoothed vp so cunningly, yt he suspected nothing lesse then ye reuenge intended against him. a1661 B. HOLYDAY Juvenal (1673) 12 She..went to her husband with much flattery, smooth-up the matter.

{dag}c. To contrive smoothly. Obs.{em}1 1603 DANIEL Def. Rhime Gvb, To delight an exterior sense, wee smoothe vp a weake confused sense.

d. To polish up, improve. 1760-2 GOLDSM. Cit. W. lii. (Globe) 171 A squire from the country..desirous of..smoothing up the rudiments of his rural minuet.

10. With over: {dag}a. To win over, appease. Obs.{em}1 1608 TOPSELL Serpents (1658) 708 For the Dragon being smoothed over with these gifts,..was contented to forsake the old place.

b. To make smooth or smoother in some way, esp. by the removal of a difficulty. 1611 COTGR., Calendre',..sleeked, or smoothed ouer. 1809 MALKIN Gil Blas XIII. vi. {page} 4 They were politic enough to smooth over the corrugations of their contempt. 1820 BYRON Mar. Fal. IV. i. 75 The high moon..Serenely smoothing o'er the lofty walls Of those tall piles and sea-girt palaces. 1873 BLACK Pr. Thule xxv. 418 These minor inconveniences were soon smoothed over.

c. To gloss over, minimize. 1684 BAXTER Cath. Comm. 40 By hiding, or smoothing over publick sins. 1827 SCOTT Surg. Dau. v, This he smoothed over to his conscience. 1852 MRS. STOWE Uncle Tom xxiv. 233 There was something about her that Eva never could make out; and she always smoothed it over with thinking that, after all, it was mamma.

11. With out: a. To take out, remove (a fold or crease) by pressure or rubbing. 1683 MOXON Printing xxiv. {page}15 As he comes to a Token~sheet, he..smooths out the Crease with the back-side of the Nails of his Right Hand. 1815 SCOTT Guy M. xxx, He has had a hard task replacing the folios.., smoothing out the creases and dogs-ears. 1847 C. BRONTE" J. Eyre xxix, The creases left by the wet [were] smoothed out.

b. To spread out smoothly or evenly. Also, = sense 1a. 1859 JEPHSON Brittany ii. 19 Some batter, which she smoothed out with a wooden spoon until it was of about the thickness of a pancake. 1900 20th Ann. Rep. U.S. Geol. Surv. II. 196 A belt of country marked by landslide topography which was gradually smoothed out, owing to the decay and erosion of the fallen blocks of basalt.

c. = sense 1e above; also, to lessen (irregularities or fluctuations) in something which can be described by a graph, esp. a time series. 1933 Econometrics I. 238 An elaborately weighted moving function..prevents the resulting curve from smoothing out fluctuations. 1945 L. A. MAVERICK Time Series Analysis p. vii, In smoothing out the monthly cycle..Wardwell's moving cyclical average of changing length is used. 1957 Encycl. Brit. XXIII. 432/1 By the provision of storage facilities at the source and of the main aqueduct service reservoirs, these various fluctuations [in demand] can be smoothed out. 1962 A. NISBETT Technique Sound Studio i. 30 At the 'back' [of the microphone] the response is fairly flat{em}the effect of the pad being to smooth out the peak. 1971 Sci. Amer. Oct. 69/1 Tests of nuclear weapons have shown that atmospheric mixing is rapid and that irregularities in composition are smoothed out after a few years. 1978 Daily Tel. 6 Jan. 17 The Americans will be very reluctant to do more than smooth out fluctuations in the exchange rate.

12. With down: a. To make smooth by pressing down. Also in fig. context. 1687 MIE'GE Gt. Fr. Dict. II. s.v., To smooth down with the Nail, as Taylors and Seamstresses do. 1768 BURKE Corr. (1844) I. 150 However,..I am to see him to-morrow, and will smooth down the feathers. 1816 SCOTT Old Mort. xxxvii, She had an infant in one arm, and with the other she smoothed down her apron. 1847 TENNYSON Princ. II. 432 One In this hand held a volume as to read, And smoothed a petted peacock down with that.

b. intr. To become smooth by settling down. 1884 Field 6 Dec. (Cassell), The falls were smoothing down.

13. With off, away, etc. (See quots.). 1680 OTWAY Orphan II. i, The superstitious States-man has his sneer To smooth a poor man off with that can't bribe him. 1784 COWPER Tiroc. 560 Th' indented stick, that loses day by day Notch after notch, till all are smooth'd away. 1819 SHELLEY Peter Bell 3rd VII. iii. 5 From his mean front..Smoothing away the unmeaning furrows. 1837 CARLYLE Fr. Rev. II. VI. viii A moment,{em}which one had to smooth off with oratory. 1893 'Q.' (Quiller Couch) Delectable Duchy 25 Their wives smoothed all intelligence out of their faces as soon as I began to hint at it.

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