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Astrological Coordinates : A Recap

The celestial equator and the ecliptic plane intersect to form the two equinoxes and the equinoctial axis.
The Vernal Equinox or 0ш Aries node or point is the ascending node of the ecliptic plane to the equatorial plane.
The Autumnal Equinox or 0ш Libra point is the descending node of the ecliptic plane to the equatorial plane.
These points and these two coordinate systems are FIXED in space.
AT ANY MOMENT and AT ANY PLACE in the Earth's orbit, the ZEROш Aries point is ALWAYS in the same direction and at an infinite distance.
The measurement of longitude along the ecliptic or the equator is only identical at the four Cardinal points: the two equinoctial and solstitial points.
At all other points, there is a difference between a degree of longitude (the same degree) as measured along the ecliptic and the same degree measured on the equator.
Each system is simply tilted at an angle to the other.

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