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A вот там же (выделено и подчёркнуто мной). Надеюсь, теперь после того, как Вы узнали, что в астрологии раньше называлось словом cardine, Вы сможете наконец дописать свою статью.


Angle- [Astro*Index]
Old terms cardines or pivots. The four main "centers" of the ecliptic marked on a horoscope by the ascendant in the East, the midheaven in the South, the descendant in the West, and the lower midheaven or imum coeli in the North. In most house systems, the angles correspond (in the sequence just given) to the cusps of the first, tenth, seventh, and fourth houses.

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Angle- [Devore]
(L., a corner). Any one of the four cardinal points in a Figure, or map, of the heavens; variously referring to the Zenith, or South Vertical, the Nadir, or North Vertical, and the East and West horizons: the cusps of the Tenth, Fourth, First and Seventh Houses, or the Medium Coeli, Immum Coeli, Oriens (Ascendant) and Occidens (Descendant) of a Solar or, indeed, of any Celestial Figure. Usually identified as the Southern, Northern, Eastern and Western angles. They are the most powerful and important arcs in Astrology.


Angular House- [Astro*Index]
The 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th houses of the horoscope; sometimes called the cardinal houses.

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