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Коротенькая справочка. Еще полтора месяца назад Артур Васильев писал, что торможение оболочки крабовидной туманности вызвано... ГРАВИТАЦИОННЫМ(!!!)взаимодействием с компактным остатком. С тех пор его познания не выросли, а те ссылки, которые Артур приводит в своих "трудах" он даже не читал.

Как не удивительно, но такое возможно! И не только торможение, но и ускорение, и именно применительно к Крабу.

Title: A gravitational mechanism for the acceleration of ultrarelativistic particles
Author(s): Chicone C, Mashhoon B
Source: ANNALEN DER PHYSIK 14 (11-12): 751-763 NOV-DEC 2005

Abstract: Imagine a swarm of free particles near a point P outside a gravitating mass M and a free reference particle at P that is on a radial escape trajectory away from M. Relative to this reference particle and in a Fermi normal coordinate system constructed along its worldline, the particles in the swarm that move along the radial direction and are ultrarelativistic (that is, they have speeds above c/root 2) decelerate toward this terminal speed. On the other hand, the swarm particles that are ultrarelativistic and move in directions normal to the radial (jet) directions accelerate to almost the speed of light by the gravitational tidal force of the mass M. The implications of these effects as well as the influence of the higher-order terms on the tidal acceleration mechanism are investigated. The observational evidence in support of these general relativistic effects is briefly discussed. (c) 2005 WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim.

Цитата из статьи:
The acceleration phenomena are consistent with the recent observations - by the Chandra X-Ray Observatory [12] - of accelerated motion normal to the jet directions in four neutron stars in our galaxy: Crab Pulsar,Vela Pulsar, PSR B1509-58 and SNR G54.1+0.3.A detailed analysis of the recent Crab nebula X-ray data is contained in [13, 14].

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