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Harran we know was named after Hara, the name of Shiva as the Destroyer. The followers of Shiva, who is known as Seb or Geb in ancient Egypt, are known as Sabeans.
The Canaanites derived their name from Kannan, a Tamil Hindu name for Vishnu or Krishna. Remember that the promised land of Canaan in the Torah is known as the land of milk and honey, favorite foods of the Hindus since the time of the Vedas.
Selig Hassan also affirmed that the term used to describe the Sphinx, Abul-Hol, meant bw Hwl. Bauval and Hancock then assert that the Harranian Hwl was translated as Hu. Hu in Sanskrit refers to Jehovah.
As we see from the above, Yahh or Jah is an abbreviated form of Jehovah. And one of the meanings of Jah in Sanskrit is teja-Simhat...

One of the Definitions of Jah in Sanskrit is Teja-Simha.
Teja in Sanskrit means sharpness and refers to the claws of Simha, the man-lion who took vengeance on the proud king Asura Hiranyakashipu. Let me paraphrase the story as told on a number of web sites dealing with Krishna.

Zafar-Saphar, кстати, был последним из Великих Моголов. Кто-то из его предков построил Тадж-Махал (он же Меша-Мокка-Мекка :).

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