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Не нравятся родные переводчики, можно посмотреть и на загранишних.
To a man so eager as he was in the pursuit of knowledge, this appeared to be a most singular phaenomenon, and one that deserved to be viewed more closely; accordingly he gave orders for a light Liburnian vessel to be got ready, and left it at my option to accompany him. To this however I made answer, that I should prefer continuing my studes; and as it so happened, he himself had just given me something to write. Taking his tablets with him, he left the house.
The sailors stationed at Retina, alarmed at the imminence of the danger – for the village lay at the foot of the mountain, and the sole escape was by sea – sent to entreat his assistance in rescuing them from this frightful peril. Upon this he instantly changed his plans, and what he had alredy begun from a desire for knowledge, he determined to carry out as a matter of duty. He had the gallies put to see at once, and went on board himself, with the intention of rendering assistance, not only to Retina, but to many other places as well; for the whole of this charming coast was thickly populated.
“The Natural History of Pliny” trans. J. Bostock, H.T. Riley, London 1893.

Данный перевод и перевод Классовского близнецы братья.
Можно привести и испанский перевод и французкий.
Так что правильно Жена или Город.
Разница в датировке 1500 лет зависит от Вашего выбора, но обоснованного.

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