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Спасибо за ссылку! К вопросу о Набонассаре,
Nwbnefer is known from two inscriptions from the Djoser's complex at Saqqara (Pyr. Deg. IV n. 99,100), the first one from the eastern galleries under the pyramid, the second one from the pit in the southern 'treasure house'.
Both the inscriptions are incised on stone vessels fragments and name the Hwt Mnt-'Ankh Nswt-bity Nwbnefer (Kaplony reads this king-name 'Nfr-nb') : on the inscription Pyr.Deg. IV n. 98 the same building Mnt-'Ankh is related to the golden name Rn of Ninetjer (?).

B. Gunn (A.S.A.E.28) advanced the hypothesis that this name could be the neswt-bity of Nebra : this could also be true for no inscription on stone vessels bears the name of Nebra, apart from a couple of examples ; the nswt-bity of Horus Nebra remains unknown and Nwbnefer could also be that. Furthermore this theory would the same way respect Helck's supposition that king Nwbnefer must have reigned few years from Ninetjer : in this case the latter would be a follower of Nwbnefer (Nebra) and there wouldn't be any reign between the two kings as instead in the other hypothesis (Wng and Sened).
The second part of the study doesn't add much to the known situation: the English scholar seems to be oriented in the traditional identification of Khaba as one of the kings in the lacuna (hudjefa / sedjes) of the Turin Canon and Abydos kings list respectively (but the table 2, p.90 is fallacious because it places the lacuna between Nebkara and Huni, while it is indeed between Djoserty and Nebkara).

-- Кирхер помещает имя Hazupha вслед за "Tautis, Mercurius". Hudjefa означает "стерто"/"не читается".
the name of Imhotep has been found among the graffitos and red ink inscriptions on the wall [гробницы Сехемхета-Джосертети].
The great bulk of inscriptions dated to N[inetjer]. are those written in ink on the inner surface of stone vessels (and fragments) from the Step Pyramid complex of Djoser at Saqqara.
1) the sitting king statue could be a determinative of the Horus name and the following 'rn (n) nbw' would mean 'the son of the golden one' (Seth of Ombos)
"Реннебу" - это вроде как Нинетжер, который считается преемником Ранеба. "Старик Ранебыч". :-)

в качестве одного из имен Нетжерихета (Джосера).

Казалось бы, какое отношение может иметь египетский Ранеб (Небра) к вавилонской эре Набонассара? Но он может, в качестве Нимрода. Небо/Набу считается ассирийским/шумерским/аккадским названием планеты Меркурий.

Мы имеем дело с временем генезиса богов:
Sometimes it's spelled 'Raneb' but this would imply the meaning of '(The god) Ra is (my) Lord' whereas, being Ra yet unknown as a god in this early period, the more probable meaning is with a direct genitive 'Lord of the sun' thus spelled 'Nebra' (Wilkinson 1999 p. 84; but cf. J. Kahl, in preparation).

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