О египетском царском локте, Исааке Ньютоне и метре, Горму

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"we take Newton’s value. 1-719. ft. as the outcome of Greaves’s measurements" -
Sir Richard T Glazebrook 1931, "Standards of measurement, their history and development",
Proc. Phys. Soc. 43 412-457

The report about the dimension s of the Great Pyramid published by Greaves was interpreted by Newton, who concluded that the cubit employed was 1719/1000 of English foot or 524.1403 mm.
Greaves found that the dimensions of the so-called King’s Chamber could be ascertained with greater certainty. The data about it which were published in Greaves’ Pyramidographia, were interpreted by Newton, who advanced metric research by two triumphant steps. He determined, mainly because of his familiarity with Talmudic writings, that, whereas normally the cubit is equal to 1.5 foot and hence is 6 hands or 24 fingers, the Egyptian royal cubit is a unit of 7 hands or 28 fingers. He assumed that the King’s Chamber measures 20 x 10 such septenary cubits, and concluded that the cubit is equal to 1719/1000 of English foot. i.e., 523.9507 mm.

-- Проверка: (1719/1000)*12*(25.4 mm)=523.9512 mm. - E. Мои расчеты, основанные на замерах длин оснований пирамид Хуфу и Хафры, произведенных Петри, дали 523.6 и 523.7 мм, соответственно. В Лувре хранится егип. линейка длиной 523 мм.

Вывод: как минимум один из следующих: Лагранж, Лаплас, Монж, Борда, Кондорсе - читал работу Ньютона,

Not many people know of an obscure work by the famous Sir Isaac Newton entitled:

"A Dissertation upon the Sacred Cubit of the Jews and the Cubits of several Nations: in which, from the Dimensions of the Greatest Pyramid, as taken by Mr. John Greaves, the ancient Cubit of Memphis is determined".

Newton had an obsession of establishing the value of the "cubit" of the ancient Egyptians. This was no mere curiosity. His Theory of Gravitation was dependent on an accurate knowledge of the circumference of the earth. The only figures he currently had were the inaccurate calculations of Eratosthenes and his followers. With these figures his theory did not work out.

Newton felt that if he could find the exact length of the Egyptian "cubit", this would allow him to find the exact length of their "stadium", reputed by others to bear a relation to a "geographical degree". This measurement, which he needed for his theory of gravitation, he believed to be somehow enshrined in the proportions of the Great Pyramid. Thus, he would have the necessary measurements for his Theory of Gravitation.

Напомню, откуда такой вывод: длина окружности диаметром 1 м равна 6 егип. цар. локтям и 7 человеческим локтям.

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