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One came to say to his majesty: " A chief of the west, the great prince of Neter, Tefnakhte is in the nome of ..... , in the nome of Xois, in Hapi, in .... in Ayan, in Pernub, and in Memphis. He has seized the whole west from the back-lands to Ithtowe, coming southward with a numerous army, while the Two Lands are united behind him, and the princes and rulers of walled towns are as dogs at his heels. No stronghold has closed [its doors in] the nomes of the South: Mer-Atum, Per-Sekhemkheperre, the temple of Sebek, Permezed, Theknesh, and every city of the west, they have opened the doors for fear of him. He turned to the east, they opened to him likewise: Hatbenu, Tozi, Hatseteni, Pernebteptih. Behold, [he] besieges Heracleopolis, he has completely invested it, not letting comers-out come out, and not letting goers-in go in, fighting every day. He measured it off in its whole circuit, every prince knows his wall; he stations every man of the princes and rulers of walled towns over his (respective) portion.
Then [his majesty] heard [the message] with courageous heart, laughing, and joyous of heart.

These princes and commanders of the army who were in their cities sent to his majesty daily, saying: "Wilt thou be silent, even to forgetting the Southland, the nomes of the [court]? While Tefnakhte advances his conquest and finds none to repel his arm.

Namlot ... ... , prince of Hatweret, he has overthrown the wall of Nefrus, he has demolished his own city, for fear of him who might take it from him, in order to besiege another city. Behold, he goes to follow at his heels, having cast off allegiance to his majesty. He tarries with him like one of [his vassals in] the nome of Oxyrhyncos, and gives to him gifts, as much as he desires, of everything that he has found."
They then went to the [frontier] of Heracleopolis, demanding battle.

List of the princes and kings of the Northland, namely:

King Namlot and
King Yewepet

Chief of Me, Sheshonk, of Per-Osiris, lord of Ded
Great chief of Me, Zeamonefonekh, of Per-Benebded together with
His eldest son, who was commander of the army of Per-Thutuprehui.
The army of the hereditary prince, Beknenef, together with
every chief wearing a feather who was in the Northland; together with
King Osorkon, who was in Per-Bast and in the district of Ranofer
Every prince, the rulers of the walled towns in the West, in the East, (and) the islands in the midst, were united of one mind as followers of the great chief of the West, ruler of the walled towns of the Northland, prophet of Neit, mistress of Sais, sem priest of Ptah, Tefnakhte.
-- Откуда понятно, что земля Нетжер (Neter, Нечерт) располагалась западнее Египта.

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