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>Это столь же неубедительно, как и языковые упражнения Фоменко.
Osiris is first mentioned in the 4th Dynasty
Some historians believe that Osiris was an actual king of Egypt and this may be true

Осирис традиционно изображался темнокожим:


Теперь о женитьбе Менкауры на вдове Хафры, без всяких Горов:
Meresankh III was apparently still alive when Menkaure became pharaoh. Did he become pharaoh through "marriage" with her? Three of Menkaure's queens are buried in small pyramids next to his at Giza, but their names are unknown. Only the name of one of his queens is known, Khamerernebty II, Menkaure's full sister and daughter of Khamerernebty I. Circumstances would suggest that she was only a consort-queen, and not the queen of the female line.

In its unfinished state, the statue of Menkaure and his queen lacks any identifying inscriptions. The woman standing next to Menkaure has been identified as Khamerernebty II, but that is because hers is the only name we know among Menkaure's queens. According to the argument laid out above, it seems more likely that she is, in fact, Meresankh III.

An inscription over the door of Meresankh's tomb (discovered in 1927) records that she died in the first year of a unnamed pharaoh and was buried nine months later. It has been argued that the unnamed pharaoh was Menkaure's successor, Shepseskaf. From an examination of Menkaure's skeleton, it has been estimated that she died when she was a little over 50 years old.

-- Связь с описанным у Геродота празднованием "инцеста Ареса с матерью" прозрачна, через названия планеты Марс у соседних народов: Merrikh (арабское), Nergal (вавилонское), Mangala (индийское). Ареса обвиняли в том, что это он, оборотившись вепрем, задрал Адониса (Диониса, Таммуза, т.е. Осириса). Считали, что от брака Гора и Хатхор родился Ихы Харсафес (Херишеф, Гор-Сематави, Харсомтус) - Ihy, Harsaphes, Arsaphes, Herishef, Heryshef, Har-Sematawy, Harsomtus.

The best known mammisi is associated with the Temple of Hathor at Dendera, which was dedicated to Ihy (the son of Hathor and Horus). This mammisis was built by Augustus, but not decorated until the reign of Trajan.

-- Август построил маммиси ("дом рождения") Ихы Харсафиса, в частности, потому что сам Август "закосил" под реинкарнацию Гора. Вплоть до обожествления. (Марк Антоний претендовал на то, что он - "новый Дионис".)

-- Ихы Харсафиса (Харсомтуса) изображали с головой барана (агнца) и в виде распятого змия:

Сравните с гравюрой Фламеля

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