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Там, как обычно, все - не в дугу, но тем не менее, видимо, это - наиболее аутентичное кино из всех, когда либо снятых до сих пор.

Вот ветка на RATе, начавшаяся полтора года назад еще до выхода фильма и продолжающаяся до сих пор: HBO's "Rome" to present more realistic look at the

Jasper Oorthuys

I kinda liked it. Yes, you can gripe about military equipment, but the general feel of Rome itself, for instance, was much more to my liking than usual. Dirty, colorful, messy!

Kate Gilliver

Like Jasper I thought the the grimy Rome set was great and some of the small details like Octavius clipping the slave round the ear were rather good. We've been mostly nitpicking here (I'm told the wall painting styles are anachronistic); for myself it's minor and unnecessary inaccuracies that are irritating: why is Octavius called Octavian when he's still Octavius? Soldiers CAN marry in this period (contrary to what Pullo & Vorenus suggest), and threatening to send a legionary to the arena for jumping out of the acies to engage the enemy? That's one of the few times it's ok to do that - he's more likely to have been decorated! If you're spending millions on fab sets and a great cast, why allow such minor errors to creep in? What's the Historical Consultant doing?! Probably being ignored, as usual.
All in all I thought it was great fun, miles better than Star Wars attack of the clones which ITV put up against it.

Aitor Iriarte

The series is lively and catching to see but I can hardly stomach the lots of crappy equipment...

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