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AD 1-1000

P. 155. (Jupiter...)"

The eclipse occurred in the evening of Nov. 23, which ecclesiastically (reckoning from sunset) may count as Nov. 24. Schrpeter 1923 (184), agreeing within two minutes with Oppolzer, makes the beginnings and endings of the partial and total phases be 4.53, 5.57, 7.27, 8.31 p.m. UT (mean Greenwich time); the greatest magnitude 1.43.

With regard to the "bright star", Jupiter was retrograding in opposition (about a degree from the Anti-Sun), and was certainly occulted by the Moon as seen from at least part of England. Struyck 1740 (118) found occultation at London, which still seems likely; modern tables seem also to allow the possibility of occultation at Jarrow (the probable source of Simeon's report). Attempts to identify the observed body with one of the fixed stars, as recently in Newton 1972 (589), have not thrown up any strong candidate, and the Jupiter identification, inherently likely, seems reasonably certain. We shall not attempt to assess the degree of precision of either Simeon's report or any particular set of tables. One might gather from Simeon that mid-eclipse and mid-occultation were simultaneous. That is unlikely; mid-occultation as seen in England probably followed mid-eclipse by an hour or so.

Как видно, Шове отмечает прекрасное согласие с описанием. Наибольшую достоверность описанию, однако, придает его уникальность и невозможность подделать (просто для этого не было методов до 20 века). Существенно то, что на самом деле время согласуется еще лучше, чем отмечено Шове. Он пользовался устаревшим и крайне неточным каталогом Оппольцера (аж 1887 года!). По современным расчетам (NASA) максимум затмения был минут на 15 позднее. Вот более точные времена начала и окончания теневых фаз: 4:58, 6:07, 7:37, 8:46 p.m.

Обсуждение любых альтернативных хронологий лишено какого-либо смысла, если они не могут справиться с этим описанием.

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