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Я правильно понял, что под этим предисловием сам Вагнер подписался?

Вы поняли совершенно правильно. Вот как в оригинале на английском:

"There are, of course, outstanding new results worth mentioning, such as the successful 40Ar/39Ar as well as U-Th/He dating of the Plinian eruption of Vesuvius which took place in 79 AD (Renne et al. 1997, Science 277, p. 1279; Aciego et al. 2003, EPSL 216, p. 209). These results are remarkable not only in the sense of extremely sensitive detection analytics, but also because of the agreement of radiometric ages with an undisputed historical date. This illustration shall suffice, although plenty exciting examples of this kind could be added."

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