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Immediately after the winter solstice the days begin to increase, and by the time of the vernal equinox, or in other words, in ninety days and three hours, the day is equal in length to the night. After this, for ninety-four days and twelve hours, the days continue to increase, and the nights to diminish in proportion, up to the summer solstice; and from that point the days, though gradually decreasing, are still in excess of the nights for ninety-two days, twelve hours, until the autumnal equinox. At this period the days are of equal length with the nights, and after it they continue to decrease inversely to the nights until the winter solstice, a period of eighty-eight days and three hours.

90+3/24 + 94+12/24 + 92 + 12/24 + 88 + 3/24 = 365.25

Это в точности такие длины сезонов, которые получает Птолемей (III.4.238) и, как видно из контекста, они же были у Гиппарха.

90 1/8 (зима), 94 1/2 (весна), 92 1/2 (лето), 88 1/8 (осень).

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