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Нашел пока несколько датировок в статье

J. S. Vogel, W. Cornell, D. E. Nelson & J. R. Southon, Vesuvius/Avellino, one possible source of seventeenth century bc climatic disturbances
Nature 344, 534 - 537, 1990.

"We used wood and charcoal from the AD 79 event to test our accuracy in dating these samples (Table 2). A small, unidentified charcoal piece (RIDDL-1346) from soil at the Pompei necropolis agreed with the known date of the ad 79 eruption. We dated charred and uncharred portions of a lintel beam removed from a surge level at Herculaeneum to test for any effect due to contact with hot pyroclastic material. The data were concordant at 60-130 calibrated years before the eruption, consistent with the size and use of the beam. A second large beam in Herculaeneum surge material was dated to 145 ±60 years before ad 79. Architectural beams are not ideal calibration samples, but these reasonable ages indicate an accuracy of better than 100 years, with no systematic bias toward young dates. The multiple measurements on the lintel were reproducible within our stated precision."

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