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> Все таки ветер похоже в это время дул на юго восток от Везувия.

The relative thickness of lighter and darker parts is not constant throughout the area of dispersal. In a section located 4.5 km ENE of the crater along the dispersal axis, the lower lighter unit has a thickness of 29 cm whereas the darker one is 16 cm thick. Further away (8 km ) along the dispersal axis, the relative thickness is reversed and the darker part (30 cm) prevails over the lighter one (20 cm). Going from south to north normal to the main axis, the relative thickness of the light/dark beds also inverts, the light part being thicker in the southern half (Fig. 9c ). This pattern indicates that the two parts actually had two slightly different axes of dispersal as a result of a counterclockwise rotation of the wind with time, or a combination of increasing column height and wind rotation at different elevation.

(По правде говоря, направление падения колонны зависит не только от ветра, но и от направления выброса).

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