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I will give you a curious description of the state of the crater of Vesuvius, after having been free from eruption 492 years, as related by Bracini, who descended into it not long before the eruption 1631: “The crater was five miles in circumference, and about a thousand
paсes deep; its sides were covered with brush wood, and at the bottom there was a plain on which cattle grazed. In the woody pars, boars frequently harboured; in the midst of the plain, within the crater, was a narrow passage, through which, by a winding path, you could descend about a mile amongst rocks and stones, will you came to another more spacious plain where three little pools, placed in a triangular form, one towards the East, of hot water, corrosive and bitter beyond measure; another towards the West, of water salter than that of the sea; the third of hot water, that had no particular taste” . (Вилльям Гамильтон в книге: The Annual Register, or a view of the History, Politics and Literature for the Year 1772. London, printed for J. Dodsley, in Pell-Mall, 1773. стр.67)

Итак кратер Везувия 5 миль в окружности, то есть порядка 8 км.
Можно оценить минимальный объем выброшенной породы от взрыва горы.
Берем цилиндр(даже не усеченный конус) высотой 200 м (0.2 км) (есть разные цифры о высоте оторвавшейся горы, 200 м минимальная цифра).
Получаем 2.1 кубических километра , выброс только от взрыва горы, не учитывая всю ту вылетевшую изнутри магму.
Цифра впечатляет.

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