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да конечно, это описание Соммы, но вот что говорит У. Гамильтон
"The great increase of the cone of Vesuvius, from that time to this, naturally induces one to conclude, that the whole of the cone was raised in the like manner, and that the part of Vesuvius, called Somma, which is now considered as a distinct mountain from it, was composed in the same manner. This may plainly be perceived by examining its interior and exterior form, and the strata of lava and burnt matter of which it is composed. The ancients, in describing Vesuvius, never mention two mountains. Strabo , Dio, Vitruvius, all agree, that Vesuvius, in their time, shewed signs of having formerly

erupted, and the first compares the crater on its top to an amphitheatre. The mountain now called Somma was, I believe, that which the ancients called Vesuvius; its outside form is conical, its inside, instead of an amphitheatre, is now like a great theatre."

Сомма и Везувий в 1631 году это одна гора, и получается длина окружности кратера до извержения 8 км, а сейчас говорят длина окружности древнего кратера включая Сомму равна 11 км.
Можно посчитать объем усеченного конуса, зная площади верхнего и нижнего основания и высоту. И это только порода от горки, а сколько еще вылетело из магматической камеры никто не знает.

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