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Третий пример евгемеризации срезался, продолжим,
By what has been said its plain that Saturn Iupiter & Hercules were father son & grandson in the line which decends directly from Noah to Ninus, & that In the Assyrian theology they are Chus Ninus & the son of Ninus: in the Chaldean Ham, Chus & Ninus & in the Egyptian Noach, Ham & Chus: the latter theology placing them all one age higher then the former. The Egyptian Hercules is therefore Chus the great Iupiter Belus of the ancients.

[78] So then Hercules was one of the ancestors of the kings of Assyria. In the Assyrian philosophy he was the son of Ninus or Nimrod, in the Chaldæan Nimrod himself, & by consequence in the Egyptian, which places the Gods still one age higher, he must be Iupiter Belus the father of Nimrod. ffor Chus was the greatest warrior of his age & the father of the most warlike nation of all those which descended from Ham. ffirst he warred with a club in Egypt for the Gods against the Giants, in memory whereof he is still painted with a club in his hand. afterwards he warred with iron weapons made war upon the Egyptians & Canaanites & conquered them in the regions about Chaldea & expelling the inhabitants placed his sons round about the Persian gulf, their seats extending as far as Carmania in the borders of India whence he is called also Hercules Indicus & Mars, & is painted with a sword & spere. Afterwards he assisted his son Nimrod in the conquest of Assyria: for in that expedition a [79] Diodorus tells us that Nimrod was assisted by one Αριαιος (that is Αρης or Mars) a king of the Arabia which, a saith he, at that time abounded with stout men. For that nation is always desirous of liberty nor ever admits a forreign Prince. Therefore neither the Kings of the Persians nor afterwards of the Macedonians tho most potent were able to subdue this nation. [In the intervals of his wars he rested in Susiana thence called Kissia, terra Chus & Chusestan, where celebrating annual triumphs with great revelling & indulging his pleasures he became the God of wine called Liber pater because free from all subjection, & Διό-νυσος, which is the same name with ιαω Χους, , Ιακχος as the Greeks pronounced it or Ιουα Χους, Bacchus as the [80] Prygians, that is Iupiter Chus. Bacchus was the proper god of the Arabians & therefore their common father. ffor Herodotus (lib 3 initio) tells us Arabes Dionysium quem Vrotalt & Vraniam quam Alilat appellant [id est Bacchum et Venerem] solos Deorum esses arbitrantur. Idem affirmat Celsus apud Originem l. 5 Vnde Arrianus l. 7 scribit quod Alexander Magnus ubi audisset Arabes duos tantum deos colere Vranum scilicet [vel potius Vraniam] et Dionysum — eosque Dionysum quidem colere ob famam ducti in Indos execrcitus: non indignum censebat se qui pro tertio Deo apud Arabes haberetur, quippe qui rebus gestis Dionyso nequaquam inferior esset. By this conjunction of Dionysus with Venus you may know that he was Mars. [Очень смешно! Во-первых, в предположении, что существовала женщина, послужившая древним прототипом Венеры, трудно поверить, что она ограничилась одним партнером. Во-вторых, очень высока вероятность синкретизации женских сущностей по пути к мифол. Венере - например, на Венеру переписали миф о Родопис и Амасисе. - Е.]

This is that Bachus who led his army into India accompanied with Satyrs. His Indian expedition is that of Chus mentioned above & the Satyrs are the Arabians which led wild lives in the feilds. & deserts like Goats wandring up & down in tents after their flocks & living by hunting & rapine & being also Goats in lust] <15r> ffrom his dominion he had also the names given him of Belus, Moloch, & Melechartes, that is the Lord, the King, the strong king. By reason of the height of his dominion he is called Baalsemen the God of heaven & to denote him the God of war he is called also the God of thunder & painted with a thunderbolt in his hand. For thunder being the type of war the thunderbolts made him by the Cyclopes must be weapons of war. Hence also the Iupiter Belus of the Chaldeans is called by a [81] Hestiæus (a very ancient writer) Ζευς ενυάλιος Iupiter Martialis. And b [82] Suidas tells us that Baal in Assyriorum lingua Martem bellorum præsidem significat. And c [83] Hyginus: Afri, inquit, et Ægyptij primum fustibus dimicaverunt, postea Belus Neptuni filius gladio belligeratus est, unde bellum dictum. The ancients to denote a stout & fierce man called him the son of Neptune & thats the reason why Belus is here so called. Et hinc spolia bellica Iovi fferretrio dicata fuere et apud Pausaniam et Plutarchum in vita Pyrrhi ’’Αρειος Ζευς memoratur, et apud d [84] Cyrillum pater Nini vocatur Arbelus id est Mars-Belus. Nam אךי Ari Martem significat, ut cum Ar Moabitarum a Græcis vocatur ’Αρειόπολις id est Vrbs Martis. Quin etiam Herculem Indicum cognominatum fuisse Belum Cicero probat lib 3 de Natura Deorum; Et Belum e [85] Pausanias hominem Ægyptium vocat.

[86] So then Hercules, Mars, Belus, Moloch, Bacchus are but several names of one & the same Man.

Одно дело - древние прототипы Геркулеса, Марса, Бахуса, Диониса. Другое дело - "один и тот же Человек", плод ньютоновской евгемеризации.

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