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Есть дилемма, в работе A. Nazzaro (1999 года)
приведено изображение фрески из Помпеи.
Картинку с авторской прорисовкой (Наззаро) можно посмотреть здесь

четко видно, что конус Везувия ввиде амфитеатра.
С другой стороны известно из Диона Кассия

«In Campania remarkable and frightful occurrences took place; for a great fire suddenly flared up at the very end of the summer. It happened on this wise. Mt. Vesuvius stands over against Neapolis near the sea and it has inexhaustible fountains of fire. Once it was equally high at all points and the fire rose from the centre of it; for here only have the fires broken out, whereas all the outer parts of the mountain remain even now untouched by fire. Consequently, as the outside is never burned, while the central part is constantly growing brittle and being reduced to ashes, the peaks surrounding the centre retain their original height to this day, but the whole section that is on fire, having been consumed, has in the course of time settled and therefore become concave; thus the entire mountain resembles a hunting theatre — if we may compare great things to small»

что амфитеатр на вершине Везувия появился только при описанным им извержении, при котором погибли Помпеи.
И как он мог появиться на фреске из Помпеи, созданной до данного извержения, совершенно не ясно..

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