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Кроме ... одного египетского папируса ничего найти не смог.

Что это, как не троллизм? По Вашей же ссылке:

Fifteen documents, spanning a period of 54 years of the reign of Senusret III and his son Amenemhet III, were selected for sampling from among 450 examples. These fifteen were chosen to include years from the beginning, middle and end of this time span. In nearly all cases, specific years are represented by multiple papyri. Following photographic documentation with both reflected and transmitted light, sample amounts ranging from 20-60 mg. were taken from blank areas of the documents. In six instances, sufficient material was available for the samples to be equally divided between two laboratories (ORAU and VERA). The remaining samples were distributed evenly by year. A total of 20 samples were submitted for analysis.

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