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Вот ещё один близкий по времени источник: J.-C. Bellicard, C. N. Cochin, Observations upon the antiquities of the town of Herculaneum, discovered at the foot of Mount Vesuvius... (цит. по английскому изданию 1753 г, появившемуся на год раньше французского). Авторы путешествовали по Италии в 1750-1751 гг и явно знакомы с записками как Венути, так и Муссино:

For a long time, the world was dubious about the real name of this subterraneous city; but there doubts are now dispelled by the various inscriptions, and the principal buildings which have been discovered, particularly the inscription, engraved upon that fine equestrian statue of Nonius Balbus, of which we shall have occasion to speak in the sequel. On the pedestal we read these words,

P.P. .......

and another found in the quarter of the theatre beginning thus,

L. Annius L E Mammianus
Rufus. xi. vir &c.

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