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The Translator's Preface to the Reader.

As I had an opportunity last winter, when in Italy, of viewing the Subterranean City, and examining the Curiosities they had found there, I could not help wishing, that somebody who had been on the spot for some time, and who had had Access to know all the Progress they had made, might draw up a Memorial of their Observations. Altho' I had seen Marchese Venuti's Account of the first Discoveries of the antient City of Heraclea, yet I imagined that its being so mixed with Fable, and Criticisms on Inscriptions, etc. would prevent its pleasing the Generality of Readers, and the more so, as he had not been upon the Spot for the last ten Years, and his Description of consequence defective in a Number of Particulurs, which would be extremely agreeable to the Reader; I afterwards, y accident, met with the Memoirs which I have attempted to translate, and which, I don't doubt, will give the Reader the same Pleasure they did me. As it was drawn up by the Secretary of the Marquis D'Hospital, Ambassador from the court of France to his Sicilian Majesty, who undoubtedly had sufficient Opportunities of examining in this Affair particularly, I am persuaded it will prove satisfactory. To render it more agreeable, I have added such Notes as are requisite to illustrate the Subject.

N.B. As Dion and Pliny the younger have both mentioned the Overthrow of these two Cities, I thought it would be agreeable to the Reader to give a translation of these Passages. I find these Letters of Pliny's so well translated in the English Edition of these Letters, published by R. Dodsley, that I have given them just as I found them there.

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