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> ++где описание самих данных

F1 - Toomer/Grasshoff (cat1.dat)
Data for this catalog was transcribed from Appendix B of Grasshoff's The History of Ptolemy's Star Catalog (Springer-Verlag, 1990). With minor variations, this is based on Toomer's translation of the Almagest, first edition (Duckworth, 1984). The transcriptions were reconciled with the second edition of Toomer (Princeton University Press, 1998), which is also the source of the star descriptions.

F2 - Peters/Knobel (cat2.dat)
Transcribed from Peters and Knobel, Ptolemy's Catalogue of Stars (Carnegie Institution, 1915).

F3 - Manitius (cat3.dat)
Initially CDS V/61, the electronic catalog by Jaschek, but substantially corrected by consulting the source, Manitius's 1913 German translation of the Almagest, the (Teubner, 1962) edition with the forward by Neugebauer. The star descriptions, not present in V/61, were transcribed directly from Manitius.

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> не удивлюсь что этот кекс написал енто на дигит виз ф0ртране

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