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Тема: SIS-Kronia CONFERENCE 2007
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Ladies & Gentlemen,

who may still be interested in advances to Immanuel Velikovsky's RHNH have announced a conference to take place in Cambridge at the end of August 2007. It is an opportunity, in this uninvited paper to compare results going to be presented of work done by those involved during the last decades. In the Enlish language area I'm afraid there's very little that Velikovsky could be satisfied with, let alone be proud of:

No advance at all in the central question of CoR. Equally none in discussing the most repressed series of SchizoTime (apocalyptic) natural catastrophes ending with the LGJ in the middle of the Trecento. Except for a collection of astrophotos & rather useless UQT about a monopolar  "Electric Universe", which could never be engineered to function sensibly.

While, in contrast, when following some of the links below, particularly the natural knowledge explanation for the catastrophic scenarios ranging from Velikovsky to the LGJ have become explainable by the EVU; an LQS describing the design of the universe practically on a do-it-yourself basis. So, in you may read about the development of the GFMI, the output of which gave rise to the present paper about a truly tremendous step in understanding natural knowledge gravitation.


Therefore I use the occasion of this conference to present to it the following single page memorandum, which in context with a number of links to the GFMI (which for over a year now is in use by Russian space research) provides the insights to the gravitational dynamics of the universe -- & which Velikovsky would certainly have supported as not just closely related to his work, but as one of the very key issues.


Best greetings -- Chris Marx


Faster Than Light
SGR ? Substance-relevant Gravitational Resonance in the EVU:

"Further, the author found out by using these scales that the gravity of the various planets has a weight-decreasing or weight-increasing influence on definite metals, respectively. This becomes most evident when the planets are on their opposition positions. The maximum deflections of the scales allow to find out with all surety and hourly precision which metal is assigned to the planets being in opposition and at which hour the point of opposition is reached. Up to now, the author found out that there is a connection between the metal mercury and the planet Mercury as well as between lead and Saturn."

The confirmation of such findings (since 1960f) ? ascertained from natural knowledge with the GFMI ? indicates that independently from EM dynamics SGR oscillations transport signals, energy, & momentum at many times the speed of light, such results of events possibly even simultaneously. But though exact circumstances are still to be researched experimentally (because the available planetary positions follow calculated celestial mechanics instead of observed celestial dynamics; & to observe if there are differences between upper & lower opposition, ie if the sun influences SGR), there can be no doubt at all about the independency of fast SGR & slow EM connexions. Because, as the example of the Saturn<>lead connexion demonstrates, the GFMI by a change of pressure reacts to the planetary opposition at the moment of its occurrence, & not only after more than an hour when observed at c! One is reminded of the SGR functioning similarly to an in-line pendulum array.

So there can also be little doubt that the SGR properties & effects ? now that they are known & can be recorded ?might soon also be controlled. Of course it must then also be concluded, that advanced intelligences in the universe would not communicate by way of c-restricted EM greenhorn technology, but by SGR methods having up till now remained invisible for us; moreover, if we think of SGR signals warning animals of impending earthquakes, relevant SGR signals generated by the brain may point to new possibilities, too.

SGR is transporting signals, energy & momentum at many times the speed of light, maybe even simultaneously with the event

SGR = Substance-relevant Gravitational Resonance (cf

EVU = Electric Vortex Universe (cf

GFMI = Gravitational Field Measuring Instrument, cf, eg:

Experiment output in; substance-relevant real-time graphs in Mercury Copper

http://evu, Tin Lead


EM = Electromagnetic/Magnetism

c = conventional EM speed of light



The SIS should also be confronted with a number of questions:

Why is email directed to "Kronia"? Has SIS become a Kronia enterprise? Why is "About Us" not found on the Home Page? Why - after many decades! - are there still no younger people involved, a new generation of catastrophists? Why is there practically no sign of progress, doing a conference on mostly antiquated topics of the distant past? Why is the "Web Links" page incomplete regarding the developments of the RHNH? Not that some people remained in complete ignorance of developments particularly in the German language area, but for some obscure reasons (& not so obscure motives) it was neglected to keep associates & members informed, obviously evading discussion about heavily conflicting evidence in case of the EVU as well as of catastrophic natural & pre-LGJ human history. How, indeed, to justify "Be at the forefront of new prospects in cosmology" when advertising this conference? Eg, for years now it has become ever more clear how the last series of global, ie exoterrestrially caused catastrophes ended a mere 6 1/2 centuries ago with the LGJ - none of this at your conference. Also for many years now not only the EVU has been around, but for 3 years its spin-off invention, the GFMI, is presenting in real-time on the Internet ( bipolar & substance relevant - & therefore variable - gravitation: not simply proving the EVU as an LQS, but also the possibilities of unstabilised planets & moons in catastrophic scenarios, such as no UQT (such as the "Electric Universe") ignoring dynamic (electrical) gravitation ever did up till today, let alone demonstrated it by experiment -- your conference is disregarding all of it. Moreover, the foremost reason for the RHNH is never ever touched upon, namely finding methods for overcoming current IBC: because aesthetitistic ruminations of old perspectives certainly cannot even begin CoE toward solving the most serious problems of global civilization.

I suggest it would have been appropriate to broaden the conference:-

eg, with the display of the GFMI (perhaps even of interest to some professionals at the university), as it already for a year now is actively employed in research for forecasting time & location of earthquakes (which are caused by substance emergence, not continental drift), or regarding the prevention of substance-related catastrophes (by gravitational "anomalies" induced in aircraft, rockets, submarines). & further it would have been a good idea to confront (or familiarize) new & conventional catastrophists with some of the irrefutable facts about the LGJ (in the middle of the Trecento ending ST), including its coercive consequence of forestalling any attempt at astronomical retrocalculations (& thus for all time making absolute dating of ancient history impossible).


Programmatic abbreviations are employed to segregate the RHNH & PRS environments.

RHNH = Reconstruction of Human & Natural History; cf (mostly in German)

PRS(-Conglomerate) = entirety of the collective thinking systems, ie the Philosophies, Religions & [exo- & esoteric] sciences

XC = Christian Calendar
UC = Universal Calendar (its epoch the spring equinox of 1945 XC)

GCR = Gregorian Calendar Reform -370/-363 UC (1577/1582 AD), cf

CCR = Canopus Calendar Reform (=the "Julian" reform), following the RHNH around -950 UC (1000 XC), cf

ILJE = Inherent Logic of the Joshua Event (cf &

LGJ = Last Great Jolt (the last one ending a series of cataclysms in the middle of the Trecento, caused by a repositioning of earth); cf (in German); defining the End of

ST = SchizoTime = the period between Old & Modern Time, in the series of catastrophes in which the Antique Civilizations (recovered from an earlier series of global catastrophes) perished

EVU = Electric Vortex Universe; cf

LQS = Logical Qualitative System

UQT = Unlogical Quantitative Theory (cf

ICS = Informed Common Sense

CoR = Collective Repression (causing IBC)

IBC = Irrational Behaviour of the Collective (Holocaust, War, Knowledge corruption, Terror

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