Помпеи. В копилку Горма.

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Изучаю амфоры. Дошел до Карфагенской коллекции.

Встроил интересную информацию. Может быть, она достойна включения в копилку Горма «Извержение Везувия в 79 году».

///////The amphora type is now well known; it was manufactured in Campania by a Eumachius, who was probably the father of the Eumachia who paid for an important building in the forum of Pompeii. 39 Being still the most numerous examples of the Eumachius type, and from a narrowly dated context, the finds from the First Amphora Wall prove that this manufacturer was active at the beginning of the Augustan period and before 15 B.C.//////


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