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А акведук Серино, если и существовал, имеет малое отношение к раскопанному на Помпейском холме городу.

Не вступая в дискуссию, отмечу, что не знаю уж как к раскопанному на Помпейском холме городу, но к Лeттиери акведук Серино отношение вроде бы имел:

In the period 1,532–1,553, during the Hispanic domination of Naples, the vicere´ don Pietro Toledo entrusted Pietro Antonio Lettieri (Tabularius) to investigate the way to increase the supply of drinking water for the city. Lettieri was a technician with expertise in topography and after four years of study, proposed the complete recovery of the Auguestan acqueduct as a possible solution to the problem of water scarcity (Pavesio, 1985; De Biase, 2006). The report written by Pietro Antonio Lettieri was copied for the first time by Giambattista Bolvito and conserved in the archives of Real Corte, and then collected in Archives of P.P. Chierici Regolari Teatini of SS. Apostoli of Naples (Giustiniani, 1797; Pavesio, 1985). Lettieri’s project remained on the papers because of its high cost. In that period the Fontis Augustei was property of the Prince of Avellino, who earned a lot from the use of water for factories, watermills and irrigation (Pavesio, 1985). Pietro Antonio Lettieri was able to describe the route of the ancient Serino aqueduct (Pavesio, 1985; Moscati, 2005; De Biase, 2006).

G. De Feo and R.M.A Napoli. Historical development of the Augustan Aqueduct...

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