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Я знаю. Меня именно интересует, насколько результаты хронологических исследований Скалигера, полученные им то того, как он занялся задачей реконструкции хроники Евсевия, соответствуют хронике Евсевия, как мы ее теперь знаем (с армянским переводом).

Все между собой прекрасно согласуется. Например, датировка Пелопоннесской войны по Фукидиду с Диодором и олимпиадам согласуется со сквозной датировкой у Евсевия по годам Авраама. Только год начала олимпиад у Евсевия на один помнится сдвинут.

Вот вторая часть Евсевия в переводе Иеронима.
87th Olympiad = 1585 of year Abraham
[through system of dating used by Eusebius as we use AD - Anno Domini]
Beginning of the Peloponnesian war.

А вот по армянскому тексту из первой части, где про победителей олимпиад:
87th - Sophron of Ambracia, stadion race
During this [Olympiad], the Peloponnesian war began.

Вот Синкелус, которого читал Скалигер:

The 87th Olympiad.
The 27-year-long war between the Peloponnesians and the Athenians, which Thucydides wrote about, broke out...

Вот Диодор Сицилийский:

[12.37.1] When Pythodorus was archon in Athens, the Romans elected as consuls Titus Quinctius and Nittus Menenius, and the Eleians celebrated the Eighty-seventh Olympiad, that in which Sophron of Ambracia won the "stadion". In Rome in this year Spurius Maelius was put to death while striving for despotic power. And the Athenians, who had won a striking victory around Potidaea, dispatched a second general, Phormion, in the place of their general Callias who had fallen on the field. After taking over the command of the army Phormion settled down to the siege of the city of the Potidaeans, making continuous assaults upon it; but the defenders resisted with vigour and the siege became a long affair.

[2] Thucydides, the Athenian, commenced his history with this year, giving an account of the war between the Athenians and the Lacedaemonians, the war which has been called the Peloponnesian. This war lasted twenty-seven years, but Thucydides described twenty-two years in eight Books or, as others divide it, in nine.

[12.38.1] When Euthydemus was archon in Athens, the Romans elected in place of consuls three military tribunes, Manius Aemilianus Mamercus, Gaius Julius, and Lucius Quinctius. In this year there began the Peloponnesian War, as it has been called, between the Athenians and the Peloponnesians, the longest of all the wars which history records; and it is necessary and appropriate to the plan of our history to set forth at the outset the causes of the war.

А вот что пишет Скалигер:

2716. Различия между античной и средневековой латынью. - Ольга Славянка 19:34 02.02.08 (167)
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