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Для того, чтобы получить разницу 5500, как в том документе, им надо было считать, что Р.Х. было в (марте) 7 или 8 г. н.э., а тут...
The Passion and Resurrection of Christ are generally dated on 23 and 25 March in AM 5539 (AD 31).
There was, however, no unanimity among Byzantine chronographers and chroniclers using the Byzantine era of creation
as to the year of the incarnation and birth of Jesus, but the date 25 March AM 5506 (3 BC) given by Georgios
Kedrenos in the eleventh century is probably the original date for the incarnation in the Byzantine era. This date is not
only in accordance with the above-mentioned year of the Passion and Resurrection, but corresponds also to the
chronology of the seventh-century Paschal Chronicle, where the era of creation begins on 21 March in the year 5509
BC, i.e. one year (later, five months) earlier in comparison with the Byzantine world era. The author of the chronicle
dates the incarnation of Christ to 25 March AM 5507 (3 BC), the Passion and Resurrection to 23 and 25 March AM
5540 (AD 31).
...два источника дают 3 г. до н.э.

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