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> «Over the stratum of pumice and burnt matter that covers Pompeii, there is a
> stratum of good mould, of the thickness of about two feet and more in some
> parts, in which vines flourish, except in some particular spots of this
> vineyard, where they are subject to be blasted by a soul vapour or mofete,
> as it is called here, that rises from beneath the burnt matter.» (Уильям
> Гамильтон в книге: The Annual Register, or a view of the History, Politics
> and Literature for the Year 1772. London, printed for J. Dodsley, in
> Pell-Mall, 1773. стр.64)

Раз уж Вы вспомнили Гамильтона, уместно продолжить дальше, из того же письма (выделения мои):

Whenever I find then a succession of different strata of pumice and burnt matter, like that which covers Pompeii, intermixed with strata of rich soil, of greater or less depth, I hope I may be allowed reasonably to conclude, that the whole has been the production of a long series of eruptions, occasioned by subterraneous fire.
The matter which covers the ancient Town of Herculaneum is not the produce of one eruption only; for there are evident marks that the matter of six eruptions has taken its course over which lies immediately above the town, and was the cause of its destruction. These strata are either of lava or burnt matter, with veins of good soil between them.

> Может кто знает,
> А какой слой грунта (хорошей почвы, перегноя) лежит над не раскопанными
> участками Помпеи в настоящее время?

Слои имеют разную толщину в разных местах Помпеи. Да и почему почва должна накапливаться с одинаковой скоростью? См. Luongo et al, Impact of the AD 79 explosive eruption on Pompeii, I (2003).

В заключение совет: подумайте, почему у Фемиды весы с двумя чашками.

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